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Green Plus provides businesses with blockchain, AI, and advanced cloud technologies. We are honored to be the best cloud service provider in the Middle East. Our main purpose is to assist businesses in expanding more easily and with more agility. Our flexible and secure services automate technical processing enabling users to reduce expenses and focus on important tasks.

Green Plus

Here, we have gathered experts and professionals who work on a new generation of products in the fields of advanced cloud technologies, infrastructure, artificial intelligence, and blockchain, turning them into commercial value. Our cutting-edge technologies can make a huge difference in the speed, security, efficiency, and infrastructure of your business. We are still unveiling new services in the mentioned fields.

Our Values

We conduct ourselves ethically and honestly in all of our endeavors, and we seek to build mutual trust, transparency, and open communication. We are committed to your business’s success and strive to continually enhance the customers’ experience by concentrating on innovation and creativity. Green Plus has gathered a group of individuals that are respectful of one another, have a good outlook on their jobs, and are always looking to upgrade.

Create more smartly

Improve Security and Availability

By using our services, you can secure and speed your applications, APIs, and websites in minutes. Turn on performance and security services such as CDN, WAF, DDOS protection, bot management, API security, web analytics, image optimization, stream delivery, load balancing, SSL, and DNS in a matter of seconds.

Reach The Whole World

GreenR&D has many Regions and Availability Zones, all of which are linked by low latency, high throughput, and redundant networking. Our model will easily enable you to run applications that require high availability.

Enhance Performance

GreenR&D provides unrivaled experience, reliability, security, and functionality on which you can rely for your website and applications. Our team has exceptional experience in providing cloud services that deliver a wide range of use cases.

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