What is WordPress?

What is WordPress?

It’s a free and open-source system for content management. Using WordPress is the easiest and the most popular way to create and manage your website or blog. In fact, 43.3 percent of all website on the internet is powered by WordPress. This means that in each 5 websites, at least 2 of them are made with WordPress. This software is licensed under GPLv2, which means anyone can use or modify the WP software for free and even better, everyone can benefit from it as it stays free forever.

A content management system is a tool to simplify tasks such as managing, maintaining, adding, removing, moving, editing, etc. of a website. This is done by providing a GUI (Graphical User Interface) and removing the need for CLI (Command Line Interface) and or coding or programming knowledge.

The end result is that with WordPress, anyone can build their own website without having any knowledge about web development languages (e.g. HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, etc.).

People can make several online services with this software such as Business websites, e-commerce stores, Blogs, Portfolios, Resumes, Forums, Social networks, Membership sites, and just pretty much everything.

Why WordPress?

As already said, more than 40% percent all the websites are using WordPress. Well-known companies and organizations such as Microsoft and White House included. But why? Why should you use it?

First off, WordPress obviously is not your only choice. Like any software category, it has a competition. You might or might not be familiar with names like Joomla, Shopify, Magento, Wix, and Weebly; All of these are considerable as the competitors of WordPress. Each of which has their own benefits and special tools. Some of them have an specific purpose (like Shopify and Magento which or specifically made to be used for building eCommerce website) but the rest are generalized. But this article is about WordPress why should you choose it over all the other alternatives mentioned above.


It is free and Open Source

Most open source projects are free, WordPress included. The liberated nature of open source softwares makes their community passionate for helping each other, helping the development of the software, and making useful free plug-ins. This is the open source culture. As said, WordPress is free to download but it is a self-hosting software. So you will most probably end up paying for a plan which begins from only 3 dollars per month and can go up to hundreds of dollars. The plan entirely depends on your needs. Are you ok with a really cheap shared server or you need the ultimate power and speed?

It is ready to build all types of websites

Unfortunately, there is a misconception about WordPress. Some people think it is mainly for building blogs. In fact, it was true in the past. But then it drastically changed with the various releases over the years.

Actually, the fact that it was a blogging software in its roots makes it much easier for bloggers to use it. It is by far one the cleanest, fastest ways to write and publish blog posts. And this is all included in the software from the beginning. The list of the types of websites you can make with WordPress is endless. But anyway, here is a list of some of the popular ones:

  • Blogs
  • Business websites
  • Portfolios
  • Forums
  • E-Commerce websites
  • Rating websites
  • Membership websites
  • Chatrooms
  • E-Learning modules
  • Job boards
  • Galleries
  • Business directories
  • Q&A websites
  • Personal websites
  • Auction and coupon websites
  • Wikis and knowledge bases
  • Media-centric websites / online apps

The list is long, but we will stop here to avoid making it possibly boring. Good news is that most of the functionalities and themes you need for things such as forums and e-Commerce websites are achievable easily thank to plug-ins.



It supports numerous media types

Feel free to check out the endless list of supported file types for WordPress(link the underlined to: https://en.support.wordpress.com/accepted-filetypes/ ). Most types of images (jpeg, gif, png, webp, …), videos (mp4, mpg, avi, mov, …), Audios (mp3, m4a, ogg, wav), and documents (doc, pdf, ppt, xls, odt) are supported.

It is easy to learn

As said, WordPress is an open source software with a huge a community of professional and passionate users. The pricing, premium customer support, or even expertise level have no bearing on the user base. You can find all kind of users in the community, help them, and receive their helps.

The user interface is easy and clean enough for anyone to play around for 10 minutes in the dashboard and start to understand how it generally works. But sure, if you want to become a professional user, there are plenty of things to learn. Since there are not many roadblocks to gaining access to the software, users have made a plenty of platforms to connect, teach, and learn, such as blogs, forums, online courses, seminars, webinars, and books; Outlining various aspects of the WordPress platform. In addition, there is the official customer support from the software itself. You can either pay an extra for a dedicated support or walk through WordPress forums and enjoy the community’s passion for helping each other.

It has plenty of and plugins to expand and scale up your website

It is said already that how many WordPress themes and plugins are there for its users to construct a website. But these elements can also help you to scale up your website just as much. For a standard blog, you will start by install a theme, then you may further adjust the design. After that, you can start blogging. The same workflow is applicable for business websites, portfolios, and most other types of websites.

So themes are usually considered as the foundation of the websites. Thus after applying them, the designing part of your website should be minimalized to limited tasks such as color changes, logo additions, and creating new pages and blog posts.

Yet, every once in a while, you may find out that your website needs something new to be added to it. In such situations, the vast amount of plugins made by the big community of this open source software will help you to add those features as easy as possible.

Most people are using it

What? I should jump of the bridge with them? Well, one thing is clear: “Just because everyone is doing something it does not mean it is the best thing to do”. Yes, but WordPress proved itself several times in its history. The word has gotten out about its features and pros all over the Web devs community. High performance, extremely expandable, and easy to use. There should be a reason why 43.3 percent of the websites are running on WordPress. Some of which are discussed already.

Most of the expert WordPress users always praise its developers for how constantly they update and improve it. And there is always a detailed patch note for every update to let you know how it can improve your experience

WordPress.com VS WordPress.org?

Simply put, WordPress.com is a simplified version of WordPress.org. The .org one provides advanced customization and monetization options. While the .com one gives users a quick and easy way to get started; For free which then can be expanded with custom paid options as they grow. But to dive deeper, here is a comparison table:

  WordPress.org WordPress.com
Monetization Allowed Sometimes allowed
WordPress shares content No Yes
Self-Hosted Yes No


Final words

WordPress is a jack of all trades master ALL. Thus Green plus chose it as a general approach for the ones who need a website building software. GreenWeb’s WordPress cloud service is an automated platform that can build and manage your website with a few simple clicks. This means that you need no coding knowledge at all. Thanks to this service, again with a few simple clicks, you can choose your preferred domain and template and start your online business. After that, you can leave the technical management to us and keep focusing on your business.

No matter if you just want your personal website without wanting bother learning the how-tos or you are a professional who makes websites for others. Or maybe you already have your website? You can always benefit from this platform. The users of this service are generally in two categories:

Beginners, making personal websites

For these people, Green plus’s WordPress service is the best choice. This platform allows them to build their website with minimal knowledge and minimal time consumption. They can easily choose their desired template from and build their website as fast as possible.


Pros making website for others, or the ones who already have their own

The type of hosting and the effectiveness of that host play a significant role in optimizing a website’s speed. This aspect is much more crucial for websites using WordPress. Therefore, if the host works on improving WordPress’ performance, the change will be much more apparent than if it is done on only one side.

The performance improvement provided embedding WordPress through the cloud host, two important aspects of your website will benefit largely.

  • Up to 5 percent increase in conversion rate
  • Up to 30 percent increase in the interaction rate of the users of the website, resulting in:
    1. Satisfaction of users
    2. More income
    3. Higher chance of a user revisiting the website

So by using Green plus’s WordPress cloud service, you will either simplify the process or optimize your website, or even both.

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