Building and  making blockchain apps made easy


Blockchain-as-a-service is an infrastructure project used by companies and organizations building and operating blockchain apps. In this process, businesses can outsource the operation and maintenance of their Blockchain network to another company.

  • Build any type of network with any number of peers and orderers.
  • Determine the desired active servers and choose where to locate each peer, orderer, and CA.
  • Build an unlimited number of channels.blockchain greenrnd 6
  •  Install a desired number of Chaincodes in Go and Node languages on preferred peers or all peers.
  • Update your Chaincode on peers while keeping the previous Chaincode version.
  • Run any number of Chaincodes on the channel.
  • Update installed Chaincodes on the channel only to higher versions.
  • Create different users with different access levels in unlimited numbers.
  •  Create and send the user’s network map file.
  • Change the structure of all the networks in use (in the second version).
  • Connect to other organizations.
  • Connect to other blockchain service providers- provided that this feature is available on the other side.


  • It is based on cloud services.
  • It is designed in the PAAS layer.
  •  Users can have permanent accessibility.
  •  Failure probability is reduced to a minimum.
  • Guaranteed security is offered.
  • It will increased scalability.
  • It is resistant to any cyber-attacks.
  • It offers distributed storage.
  • You have customization capability.
  • There is no need for users to have technical knowledge of the infrastructure to launch their blockchain application.
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Organizations are becoming more open to using blockchain technology. The technical intricacies and operational overhead, on the other hand, hinder the process. A BaaS provider enables companies to launch and deploy full-featured blockchain apps and supplies them with the required infrastructure, distributed nodes, specified algorithms, etc. Using Green Plus blockchain service, you can easily focus on the challenges of your business and not worry about infrastructure, network, and database issues.

Green Plus Blockchain service takes care of the infrastructure and maintenance issues and automates all these processes in a way that everyone, even with little knowledge of technically complex matters, will be able to benefit from it.

Private Blockchain

A private blockchain is simply a kind of blockchain network that is controlled and managed by a joined group of authorites or companies. Although private blockchain examples may appear to be a centralized network, they can really provide some decentralization.

In a public blockchain, anyone can read the ledger and write on it.  However, what is written cannot be changed after it is on the ledger. A private blockchain, on the other hand, allows just one group of organizations to have access to the content of the ledger and only a few nodes have this ability.

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Hperledger Fabric

Hyperledger Fabric is one of the most popular private blockchain networks. It is in fact a permissioned distributed ledger technology (DLT) platform on which various networks can be implemented. This open-source platform offers certain important advantages over other popular distributed ledger or blockchain systems and is targeted for usage in enterprise contexts.