Brings you closer to the servers

High Availability

Dramatically reduces delivery latency advancing communication. Edge data centers are distributed in different countries enabling you to reach viewers worldwide in milliseconds. Green Plus CDN accelerates dynamic content delivery and boosts availability.

WordPress Compatibility

Provides additional hosts and as a result, boosts agility and quality. Improved page loading speed will also lead to better Google rankings driving more traffic to your website.                        

Reduced Bandwidth Costs

Cuts down on the cost of transferring data through edge servers. The need to source content from the origin can be reduced by caching content on Green CDN which leads to cost efficiency. 

Increased Security

Improves security by providing DDOS mitigation, advancement in security certificates, and other optimizations. 

Our service offers next-level content delivery through increased security, availability, stability, speed, control, and integration as well as reducing your bandwidth costs and delivery latency. Our edge data centers are located in various regions globally bringing you closer to the servers.

Why Green CDN?

Improves security by providing DDOS mitigation, advancing security, and other optimizations.




How It Works

Content delivery networks store a cached version of the origin server and are deployed in multiple regions globally. By minimizing the distance between your visitors and your website’s servers. Green Plus CDN provides excellent coverage for users. 


Use Cases

A lot of top brands are using CDN to serve their audience all around the world. This service helps speed up content delivery which results in improved page ranking. There is also more to what a CDN can provide. By connecting to CDN servers you will benefit from secure content delivery and encryption too. Moreover, Green Plus CDN is SEO-friendly and compatible with WordPress. If you are using many plug-ins, our service will help enhance your page loading time.  As a result of all these benefits, we help you create a much better user experience.

cdn server

Key Features

  • Image resizing
  • Auto Minifing
  • IPV6
  • Free SSL
  • Rate Limiting
  • Cache Purging
  • WAF
  • HTTP2
  • Geo IP