A combination of speed and security

WordPress is the easiest and most popular way to create a website or blog. WordPress runs 43.0 percent of all websites on the Internet and is licensed under GPLv2. This open-source content management system enables businesses to use or change WordPress software for free. A content management system (CMS) is a tool that allows you to manage crucial components of your website, such as content, without having to know anything about programming. As a result, WordPress makes it possible for everyone- even people without technical knowledge- to build a website.

Some of the advantages of creating a separate service platform from your website are as follows:

  • You can reduce direct support for your customer service team.
  • Your customers will be more satisfied
  • It enhances SEO.

On the other hand, running a website is a lot of effort. A webmaster is in charge of content production, SEO, strategic outreach, social media, website updates, security, and administration, all of which will take up a lot of time. Green Plus WordPress service relieves you of a significant number of WordPress responsibilities.

Green Plus WordPress service can help offload a lot of tasks which are as follows:

  • Maintenance: This may include core WordPress updates, plugin updates, theme updates, website backups, security, uptime monitoring, migration plugin, and other services.
  • Support: This can assist you with website outages, plugin/theme faults, and theme adjustments, as well as WordPress assistance and troubleshooting.

Our WordPress maintenance and support services considerably minimize your workload and the time you need to spend managing your website. As a result, you can concentrate on more important tasks and leave your problems like spam, hackers, etc. to us. Updates to plugins and themes, security checks, and website backups will also be handled automatically, all of which are critical to the success of any online business.

Below you can find some essential features of our WordPress service:

  1. Implementing a database on different architectures- Using Green Plus WordPress service, you can choose your database service from the available options depending on your need. If your website does not have many visitors, you can use the cloud database with high accessibility and low cost. If your system manages high demands, you can use the cloud database system with high performance and enjoy the remarkable speed of your website.
  2.  Resource management in real time- If the number of your visitors is increasing and you do not have enough resources, with the automatic resource monitoring system, you can temporarily expand your service, and your system will be ready to respond to a higher number of requests per unit of time.
  3.  Staging environment (stage)- This is an almost replica of a production environment used for software testing. Using staging environments, you can test codes, builds, and updates to ensure the quality under a production-like environment before application deployment. Staging environments conduct tests that can help you prevent problems in production and enhance performance for visitors. Since the application gets deployed to the production environment, you will not need to make many changes.
  4. Domain management- A free domain will be available in your panel by default. However, you can change your website domain at any time. You can also assign multiple domains to your service.
  5. File manager- If you want to change your files manually, you can use your file manager. This service is independent of the main service, and if your site is not available for some reason, this service will be able to manage your files.
  6. STFP for transferring files- You can transfer large files using SFTP. To do so, you can activate the SFTP service in the project panel and receive related settings. SFTP is secure and can be used reliably.
  7. phpMyAdmin- If you want to access your database directly, you can use this service to connect to your WordPress database anywhere and apply the changes you need.
  8. Auto-backup and restore service- Green Plus WordPress service automatically schedules a backup of your entire system. In addition, you can manually back up your service at any time.
  9. The migration plugin enables you to transfer your service from any other provider to Green Plus infrastructure. Also, if you want to share your system with a provider, this plugin will make this process easier for you.