GreenPlus WordPress cloud service

A combination of speed and security

Become one of the businesses that switched to better, quicker hosting. With GreenWebPlus WordPress cloud service, you can manage a website, an online store, an agency, or a whole business with top-notch
performance and knowledgeable support.

What is the GreenWebPlus WordPress service, and how does it work?

GreenWebPlus WordPress cloud service is an automated platform that builds and manages your desired website with just a few clicks without the need for programming knowledge.

With this service’s help, you can create a domain and template with a few simple clicks and start your online business. You can also leave the technical management of your website to us and relax.

A surprise for those who don’t have a business website

Green Web Plus is also for you. If you are interested in creating a website but do not have enough knowledge to make it, You can use our WordPress services by paying less. In addition, the GreenwebPlus WordPress service is the best option for you. without needing technical knowledge and spending time checking the best templates.

Allows the website owners to spend the least Cost and time to start their internet business.


Benefits of GreenWebPlus WordPress cloud service

Our services offer a solution for business websites, including:

Higher uptime with GreenWebPlus WordPress

Web hosting hosted by the cloud significantly improves uptime and dependability. Your website’s data is always accessible on a linked server in the cloud network, even if one goes down because the cloud is not dependent on a single server but instead on a network of connected servers. Websites housed in the cloud never go offline because of this.

Furthermore, the Kubernetes-managed GreenWebPlus WordPress cloud service is entirely containerized, ensuring 99.9% uptime without the interference of noisy neighbors.

simple scale when necessary

If you, as an aspiring website or online business owner, want to find a host that can grow with your website, especially since switching plans and providers can be time-consuming, we recommend GreenwebPlus Cloud WordPress; Because the greenwebplus WordPress runs with Kubernetes. Kubernetes will automatically scale up your cluster as soon as you need it and scale it back down to save you money when you don’t.

Security (No worries about losing your data/work)

greenwebplus Cloud WordPress providers use virtualization technology to segment each customer’s virtual resources and data. No other customers can access your website’s virtual resources or data, even if their website is hosted on the same cloud cluster. Furthermore, layer 7 (L7) or DDoS attacks on any single server won’t affect your website. If one of your website’s servers is infected with L7, the cloud hosting provider can isolate it until the attacks are removed.

Easy install

Installing WordPress can be difficult for beginners. Fortunately, greenwebplus managed hosting has reduced this time to less than 90 seconds. In such a short time, you can have WordPress installed and ready to go with all care taken, so there’s no need to set up a database or do any technical work.


By the Green Web Plus service, you can choose resources based on your needs and request the plan you need without spending money on useless resources. Therefore, our system can help you reduce costs and get the most appropriate services at the lowest price. In addition to this Green Web Plus Cloud WordPress service, it offers you a better price than other similar services. So, join us today without delay.

Furthermore, as mentioned above, Kubernetes also helps you save money BY scaling up and down resources based on your needs, and there is no need to spend money again for it.