GreenPlus Blockchain Service

Building and  making blockchain apps made easy

Using greenwebplus blockchain and distributed ledger technology, you may automate workflows and enable trusted data exchange beyond the current limitations.

Extended collaboration and optimization outside your organization are crucial for next-level growth as firms adjust to a new normal that is always changing. Technology shouldn’t get in the way of transformation because it isn’t always simple. You may increase operational agility and create new revenue sources by automating workflows and facilitating trusted data sharing outside your organization’s walls.

Greenwebplus is paving the way for a new era of cooperation and innovation in business.

Using the Kubernetes infrastructure in the Hyperledger Fabric platform

The Kubernetes infrastructure as a coordinator for Docker allows containers to be immediately transferred to another node if one of the infrastructure nodes fails; In addition, the Kubernetes infrastructure can detect the failure automatically and fix it. This feature of Kubernetes minimizes the number of blockchain nodes.

Allocation of the data center in any geographical location

Green Web allows its users to launch their blockchain service anywhere in the world and in any data center or cloud provider they consider; Also, users can use a set of different data centers and in other words, have a part of their network on the platform of one provider and another part in other data centers.

Stable quality

As one of the largest providers of cloud services in Iran, Green Web brings you exemplary and stable quality with its best and highest quality servers.

Launch at high speed

By using the Green Web blockchain service, you can set up your blockchain infrastructure in a graphical environment as soon as possible and with just a few clicks.

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Benefits of Hyperledger Fabric

More speed and agility

Organize multiparty processes around trust data to improve performance throughout your value chain.

Reduce risk and save costs whit greenwebplus blockchain service

Improve accountability, automate reconciliation chores, and streamline shared processes.

New monetization opportunities

Product authenticity will boost brand recognition and revenue, and asset tokenization will open up new markets.

Enhanced security

Despite verifying users’ identities at the moment of entering the system, the lack of access by unauthorized persons to the network, the storage of information in several databases, and the inability to change The announcement of a block increase the network’s security.


The fabric network is flexible and can be changed and adapted according to the needs of customers and the market.

GreenWebPlus Blockchain use cases

  • Validation or authentication of identity
  • insurance industry
  • supply chain
  • Health system and medical and therapeutic services
  • Transportation systems
  • Post
  • Voting and government systems
  • Smart contract
  • The automotive industry
  • business management