GreenPlus Kubernetes service

greenwebplus Kubernetes service is The best method to launch, maintain and scale your containerized applications

What is GreenWebPlus Kubernetes service, and how does it work?

GreenWebPlus Kubernetes service is an open-source platform for managing, scaling, and deploying containerized applications.

This open-source container orchestration tool will assist you in handling containerized apps. Shifting from monolith to microservice architecture means increased usage of containers. GreenwebPlus K8s will orchestrate these containers, distribute the ­workload, and run them automatically on the system.

Use Cases

Benefits of GreenWebPlus Kubernetes service

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Load balancing and service discovery

A container can be exposed by Kubernetes either using its IP address or DNS name. our service can load balance and distribute network traffic when traffic to a container is high, ensuring a stable deployment.

Storage orchestration with GreenWebPlus Kubernetes service

You may use GreenWebPlus Kubernetes service to automatically mount various storage systems, including local storage, public cloud providers, and more.

Automated rollbacks and deployments

Using Kubernetes, you may specify the intended state for your deployed containers, and it will change the actual state to the desired state. For instance, Kubernetes may automate the creation of new containers for your deployment, removing existing containers and adopting all of those containers’ resources into the new containers.

Automatic bin packing

You provide Kubernetes with a cluster of nodes to run containerized tasks. You say to Kubernetes how much CPU and RAM each container requires. Kubernetes may fit containers into your nodes To maximize the utilization of your resources.


When a container fails, Kubernetes restarts it, replaces it, kills it if it doesn’t answer your user-defined health check, and waits to advertise it to clients until it is prepared to serve.

Security and configuration administration

You can handle and store sensitive data like passwords, OAuth tokens, and SSH keys using greenwebplus Kubernetes service. You may deploy and change secrets and application configuration without rebuilding your container images or exposing secrets in your stack settings.

    How It Works

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