High Availability

a WordPress hosting provider typically serves a website from a single location so all visitors connect to the same server. All these user requests will lead to increased page loading time especially if you have a high-traffic website. This can even cause the server to crash at times, making your site unavailable.

What CDN does is cache the server’s static resources. Your content will be delivered via a network of servers placed in various locations across the world and the closest server to the user’s location will handle the visitor’s request.  The contents will be supplied by CDN servers when a user queries your website, allowing the website to operate more quickly and efficiently.

Anyone who owns an Internet site knows how important uptime is. Hardware failures and traffic spikes, which can occur as a consequence of malicious attacks or just a rise in popularity, can bring a web server down and prevent users from accessing a site or service. Several elements of a well-rounded CDN will help to reduce downtime:

Load balancing spreads network traffic over several servers, making it easier to handle traffic spikes quickly.

Intelligent failover ensures continuous service even if one or more CDN servers fail due to hardware failure; the failover can redistribute traffic to the remaining functioning servers.

Green Plus CDN sends traffic to another accessible data center if an entire data center experiences technical difficulties making sure will stay available for all users.