blockchain and aviation industry

How Blockchain Technology Helps Aviation Industry

Today, one of the significant challenges of the aviation industry is to ensure flight safety. Green Plus, as a leading company in the field of technology, offers a practical solution regarding this matter.

Blockchain technology, which has become very popular recently, offers solutions to various problems, including challenges regarding aviation industry safety. Using this technology, all of the aerial information of an airline is distributed to authorized companies and organizations to access the data live and online.

Hyperledger Fabric Blockchain is a private blockchain with the ability to define different accesses, allowing all its authorized users to access data at their access level. For instance, all aircraft information in a country’s sky can be made available to all domestic airports, air defense, etc. live. On the other hand, all private information related to military aircraft will only be available to authorized organizations, and others will not have access to it. Compared to other existing technologies, the most crucial feature of this technology is its obscurity and immutability, which help prevent any disruption and falsification of records. Green Plus blockchain technology ensures you that its information is highly reliable. Another unique feature of this technology is having constant access to updated information, which allows its users to instantly issue the necessary commands based on the latest changes and gives senior executives the upper hand.

In conclusion, private blockchains are restricted and usually limited to business networks. A single entity, or consortium, controls membership, and there is no way of falsifying the data. This feature will help businesses, including airlines, significantly improve safety and access to up-to-date information.

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